My Conference Line - Conference Call Services

Our world class conference line services are ideal for hosting teleseminars and webinars. Simply input your conference details and we do the rest. "Coming Soon," "Happening Now," and "Event Replay" pages are automatically generated and available online immediately! Your hosted replay pages and recordings are available for as long as you remain an active subscriber. If you use a PowerPoint presentation for your webinar, your replay will show your presentation synched with your audio recording.

Our Features

All Plans Include:

Unlimited Webinars and Conferences

Don't worry about your call getting cut short. Or running out of monthly minutes. Your conference line is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Plus, unlimited replays can play simultaneously with any live event.

Automatic Event Pages Online Instantly!

Our fill-in-the-blank setup makes creating online event pages a snap. Host events on your website or ours. Pre-event pages feature a Q&A form so you'll be prepared for your listeners. Live Q&A and Web Chat is automatically activated when your event begins broadcasting.

Unlimited Cloud Hosting of Replay Recordings

It's easy to create an online library or archive of your past calls. In fact, online hosting is automatic, and included in every plan at no additional fee. You can decide, for each event, whether to make the replay recording downloadable or online-only. Perfect for an iTunes feed!

Streams over any web browser

No add-ins or downloads are required by either hosts or attendees to listen in to a live event or a replay. For PowerPoint presentations only, a Flash player is currently required on a desktop browser.

"Raised Hands" Q&A

Host live teleseminars or conferences with audience participation! When a caller would like to join the conversation, they can raise their virtual hand, and you decide whether or not to open their line. You can see who's calling, and mute/unmute their line with a click.

Robust Online Host Controls

You'll find features here normally offered only by far more expensive conference call service providers. One-click recording. "Who's on the call" dashboard. Dial out to attendees/hosts. Multiple host access to the control panel. PowerPoint control panel for a co-host. Noisy line indicator. Plus much more.

Proprietary Noise Reduction

Host with confidence! The more people there are on the phone, the more background noise there will be. Our noise reduction technology automatically filters out low-level noise, dramatically improving the sound quality of your calls.

Automated Volume Leveling

When the phone bridge senses differences in the volumes of different people speaking on the call, it will automatically "level" them. This eliminates distracting differences in volume levels of various speakers on the call. And when listeners aren't distracted by details like volume levels, they're more focused on you and your message.

Monthly pricing

Choose from 4 plan options

20 Phone Lines

$ 27 /mo
  • Unlimited Events
  • 20 Phone/Skype Participants
  • 100 Webcast Participants
  • Local dial-in U.S. only
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100 Phone Lines

$ 47 /mo
  • Unlimited Events
  • 100 Phone/Skype Participants
  • 500 Webcast Participants
  • Local dial-in U.S. only
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250 Phone Lines

$ 67 /mo
  • Unlimited Events
  • 250 Phone/Skype Participants
  • 1000 Webcast Participants
  • Local dial-in U.S. only
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500 Phone Lines

$ 197 /mo
  • Unlimited Events
  • 500 Phone/Skype Participants
  • 3000 Webcast Participants
    Expandable to 50,000 attendees.
  • Local dial-in U.S., Canada, Australia , and U.K.
  • Autopilot Automated Events
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